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Participating in Bike MS is more fun when you are part of a team! Ask others to join you and enjoy cycling together. Share the experience of connecting with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors or anyone that wants to end MS forever.

Teams are a great way to involve family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers in the journey to end multiple sclerosis. The program is also an effective and efficient method for companies and organizations to promote teamwork among employees.

We developed a team program for Bike MS focusing on the camaraderie, sense of pride, and collaborative effort that only comes from being part of a team. We provide materials, incentives and staff to help you form and motivate a team. All you need to do to form a team is to recruit teammates who want to join in the movement toward a world free of MS.

It only takes one person to inspire hundreds - this is the idea behind the Bike MS Team Program. Find the leader in you by becoming a team captain today!



Our Bike MS Teams Staff is here to help you.

Alexis Stone,
Director of Teams and Corporate Development

Emily Borsetti
Manager of Teams and Volunteers
732.660.1005 x44322



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